Father & Son: conflict & reconciliation

Cropped image of father and son using smartphones while spending time together at home


Fatherhood today is in crisis. Fathers have gone missing, or have become their children’s playmates, and the symbolic authority of the father has lost its power. What remains of the father today in the wake of this decline, and what should the relation between children and parents now be?

In this seminar, we will talk about liberal democratic imprinting through the human psyche it forges. We will also turn our lens on masculinity, which was lost while swinging between the roles imposed by modernity, and which became evident with the extinction of fatherhood.

We will draw inspiration from Greek myth in order to understand the son-father conflict and, more importantly, the path to reconciliation between father and son.

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Teacher Bio

Zulfiqar Awan BA Hons, MA, PGCE

British lecturer, Zulfiqar Awan (BA Hons, MA, PGCE and Ph.D. candidate) has 15 years of teaching experience in the U.K and Cape Town, South Africa. Mr. Awan has also worked as an independent senior lecturer in philosophy, history, and politics on behalf of the British Government. He is the founder of Humanitas LifeLong Learning, where he teaches regular evening classes and short courses directly to the public, and online to an international audience. Mr Awan currently resides in Istanbul, Turkey.