Tragedy & Hope

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The contemporary technocratic society dominates life and repulses all alternatives, its “project” is to convert nature and people into “things”, and its absorbs criticism or protest by co-opting it from within. The progress of free market capitalism has speeded up, with disastrous consequences for both the human condition and the natural world.

In this course, students will understand how we got to this tragic point in history by focusing on key historical events, when woven, that have shaped the world we live in today. Beginning with the dawn of modernity, learners will analyse the key events and their impact on the human condition from a political, psychological and poetic point of view. Thereafter, focusing on how individual freedom can be re-established, therefore society.

Three Parts

Part I
Historical events:
The Enlightenment
The Industrial Revolution
The Myth Of Progress
Liberal Democracy
‘Administration Of Things’

Part II
Literary Expressions:
T.S. Eliot’s ‘Hollow Men’
Nietzsche’s ‘Last Man’
Marcuse’s ‘One Dimensional

Part III
The Bridge To Freedom:
The Eternal Recurrence of the Same
Transvaluation Of All Values
The Will To Power
The Overman

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Teacher Bio

Zulfiqar Awan BA Hons, MA, PGCE

British lecturer, Zulfiqar Awan (BA Hons, MA, PGCE and Ph.D. candidate) has 15 years of teaching experience in the U.K and Cape Town, South Africa. Mr. Awan has also worked as an independent senior lecturer in philosophy, history, and politics on behalf of the British Government. He is the founder of Humanitas LifeLong Learning, where he teaches regular evening classes and short courses directly to the public, and online to an international audience. Mr Awan currently resides in Istanbul, Turkey.