The Heroic Quest: an exploration of the hero’s journey




Joseph Campbell, an American mythological researcher, wrote a famous book entitled ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’. In his lifelong research Campbell discovered many common patterns running through hero myths and stories from around the world. Years of research lead Campbell to discover several basic stages that almost every hero-quest goes through (no matter what culture the myth is a part of). He calls this common structure “the monomyth.” It is commonly referred to as “The Hero’s Journey.”

In this course, students will examine the different stages of the archetypal “hero’s journey” with examples from literature and film. And, examine common patterns of human behaviour across time and around the world, not only in film & literature, but in their own lives as well.

Learning objectives:

A multidisciplinary approach will be used in this course. Subjects include: psychology. philosophy, history, literature and art.

Key texts:

Campbell, J. (2008). The Hero with a Thousand Faces. California: New World Library Publishers

Class Schedule

Week 1
The Ordinary World & Call To Action
Text: Homer’s ‘odessey’
Film: Matrix

Week 2
Refusal Of The Call
Text: Lord Of The Rings
Movie: Starwars

Week 3
Meeting The Guide (S)
Text: Lion King
Movie: Avatar

Week 4
Crossing The Threshold
Text: King Arthur
Movie: The Hunger Games

Week 5
Tests, Allies & Enemies
Text: Homer’s ‘iliad’
Movie: Batman

Week 6
Approach To The Inner Most Cave
Text: The Count Of Monte Cristo
Movie: Fightclub

Week 7
Text: Virgil’s ‘aneid’
Movie: Jaws

Week 8 Rewards
Text: Goethe’s ‘faust’
Movie: Snowden

Week 9
The Road Back
Text: Oedipus & Dionysus
Movie: Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Week 10
A New Life With The Return Of The Exlier
Text: Don Quixote Movie: Toy Story

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Teacher Bio

Zulfiqar Awan BA Hons, MA, PGCE

British lecturer, Zulfiqar Awan (BA Hons, MA, PGCE and Ph.D. candidate) has 15 years of teaching experience in the U.K and Cape Town, South Africa. Mr. Awan has also worked as an independent senior lecturer in philosophy, history, and politics on behalf of the British Government. He is the founder of Humanitas LifeLong Learning, where he teaches regular evening classes and short courses directly to the public, and online to an international audience. Mr Awan currently resides in Istanbul, Turkey.